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hook and wonder why we are here live throughouthis. all day today and tomorrow. it is a life edition coming to the place where things are so bad they cut off the air condition. >> this house has act time for the administration and time for our colleagues to put something on the table. tell us where you are. >> it is time for us to be adults so the american people want . time to comtogether and compromise >> our democrat friends have offered no solution. >> there is room for compromise it is not that difficult. >> but as it turns out it is that difficult for members of congress to come up with an answer to the debt mess that is three days from now. it is a working weekend. the house came back to session
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and the senate will do so shortly and vote on the plain as time runs out. heli, i am uma. >> and we start with mike on capitol hill. what can we expect? >> you are going to see after the senate killed john boehner's plan you will see the house take up a version of the harry reid bill. the senate majority leader's bill. it is gains man ship then the leaders will set the tone for the day. there is a lot of talk about compromise and tension here realizing that the time is short. republicans believe we must solve our debt crisis and do that if democrats will work
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with us. we can't allelula of the problems at once. but we can reachh an agreement that increases the debt ceiling and impresses accountability and reduce the size of federal government they are hearing scott brown from massachusetts willing to vote for the boehner plan and also the reed plan and so senator harry reid has to pick off republicans to get the necessary vote to get the compromise plan through the united states senate. if he commisdemeanor he can signal to the house they are working to compromise. here is senator hairy reed on that. it is -- we cannot and the
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american knothis. we'll not cut more programs without revenue. and forcing lawmakers to come back to the bargaining table if they can't agree on further spending cuts down the road. they are worried about the president coming and 96ing the plan. thank you, mike. >> and joining us now. ran paul who is a senator that is refusing the plan by house speaker john boehner. >> good to be here. and the key reason you voted against the boehner plan
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you couldn't support it without a balanced budget. i can't support it that is over seven or eight years and they are talking about seven or eight trillion of debt and i don't think the country can with stand that . that is unsustainable level of debt. does this mean you will not budget either. >> and the interesting thing i am new up here but i am having trouble understanding what they are doing. harry reid is filibustering himself. we agreed to have a vote and he doesn't want to vote and then saying the republicans are obstructing and filibusters .
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and i was ready last night. and the matter of interest. they are in congress for the first time. i care more about our country's future than i do about a deal. this town is all about deals . i want a solution to the nation's problem. if i thought it would fix the problems, it is not about my principals that keeps me from voting for this. it is a plan that never balances and adds tril yonce more debt to the country. i care more about the country than a deal.
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>> it is introduced by the florida congressman. that is in six years we would have significant cuts and a balanced budget. the interesting thing the other side wants to paint the tea party so radical. we are asking fory one out out of every dollar to be, and that balances the budget. american fam faps are suffer one out of 10 americans are out of a job and it is a reasonable plan and if we discuss things on the merit instead of people calling the tea party or me names. what we should do is cut and talk about why it is unreasonable to cut one dollar
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out -- one penny out of every dollar in spending. >> august 2nd is it a deadline. >> talking about principle versus compromise we offered to give the president the whole two trillion . we know he has compain plains and fundraisers. we would let him get through the election campaign. we wanted a balanced budget. the steaks are high. >> there will be a deal. >> i think there will be a deal and i am almost that the debt sealing goes up before august second .
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if there is no deal the president needs to come before the country and agree not to default on the debt. there is no reason for us to default on our debt. cthank you for joining us today . wish you all of the best as you continue to take part in the there. thank you. fair and balanced later in the show. we'll talk to congressman angle why some are pushing president obama to ue the amendment to end the debt crisis. >> what could a default mean to the stock mact approximate here and aboard and what is the fall out for business . joining me anchor
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extraordinaryaire. neal cavuto. >> i know you are working hard in capitol hill. if we are where we are right now at this moment with no deal imminent. what can we expect by tomorrow afternoon and monday morning with the world market a possibility of a downgrade? the downgrade heightens. i think we talked earlier that a downgrade is unarovidable. i was mentioning in the last hour. it might be a constructive development. i don't mean to sound callous but the issue of senator ran paul is a lejet mate one. we are at a point becausey we keep kicking it down the road.
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they were in downgrade mode a year ago when they threatened this type of activity with the possibility of a dead line approaching us. it is the spending approaching us . not those attacking the spending. the reality would be if we gobble together a deal that the senator points out and gets us to the deadline and it is a quick and dirty deadline that takes a temporary extension. that is really just sort of feeding the atick . that is the u.s. government spending a great deal of money. that is lost in the argument. a downgrade may be the only -- >> is this a moment in our
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history that marks a turning point in which the rest of the world would have confidence in the u.s. in >> they have questioned whether we can. china is leaping forward . germany and canada are all saying the same thing. one thing that sounds weird . i want to explain it a bit uma. we are not so great. but so much of the world stinks . as i said. we stink but the benefit for us. they stink more . a lot of countries are having debt problems . i can talk aboutitilyy. portugal and ireland and
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turkey looking ticey and on and on. when the world looks at a host of problems . a relatively safe place to park. that doesn't get away with the fact that chinese are using this as a opportunity to slap us around. bieven the chinese prime minister. he add an this is a quote that got missed. . we hope the donkey and the elephant get together. he added it is a deep market. he was saying lookk, we have no where else to go. that being mean future securities when china is interested in buying. and they hold four trillion in currency reserve. when they shop around.
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it doesn't mean they will dump that. the markets are so deep and they are so backed up. and the problems are thrown in the mix. a few of the markets offer a perspective offer. and i know you are watching it closely. they are still fighting out there. and thank you for joining us. >> and neal is here in dc all weekend and through thing august 20 deadline. catch one tomorrow. it is your turn to weigh in. . are you nervous. i will be happy to read the emaims later on in the show. i want to hear how you feel.
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>> it is not clear why they clipped last night. they collided as they checked out . individuals say the plan had minor damage. they were put on other flights. they ended up getting fired or suspended and peter doocy has more. over 20 fired in the last five months while using their phones and more are suspended for breaking the rules . they are not hidden. these cameras cost three million to install . turn on any time the bus makes a sudden move. 5000 sudden moves . 80 percent of the time it is harmless or where he needed to make a sudden move.
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but 1000 other cases led to punishment. we found 20 operators have been using their service models . and still driving the bus. they say they were duped. they lied and said it was a training tool and bus riders have noticed changes with the drivers some of the time. they actually got off of the bus and then get back off. at least they got off. they do that, the cameras turn on and they get in trouble anyway. >> i was wondering about that.
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thank you for the update. >> residents in texas are bracing for tropical storm that many had highway patroled would bring relief to drought-sticken areas and it left little rain behind. they are live in corpus christi, texas with the latest on what is happening out there. >> yeah, this was the little storm that could. tropical storm don was supposed to pack 50 miles per hour winds and dump badly needed rain on the state of the texas. it was a total dude and lost strength and broke apart as it came ashore last night. it sprinkles and left less than an inch of rain in some parities. that is leaving them highly disappointed. and look at this graphic by
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nasa. it shows no rain and scorching temps on the plants and vegetation in much of the region. it just disappeared and we are still dry and no wind. supposed to be 50 miles per hour wind and there nothing. 94 percent of the state's ranges and pastures are in poor condition. rainfall total is eight inches below average. they are waiting on another tropical depression to sweep through here . they are waiting and praying for the rain. is there any relief in site for texas and the rest of the country facing the high temperatures . hi.
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unfortunately not much of a relief coming up soon for texas. we didn't get the rain we needed from tropical storm down. not much going on in the state of texas . and of interest in the tropicings. not a lot of concern over that being a tropical storm or hurricane. we have a tropical wave and becoming a tropical storm over the next 48 hours. we'll continue to track it by thursday or wednesday and it will be over portions of the caribbean. it could potentially be our next tropical storm or hurricane. as far as the heat in the country. it is a scorcher and we'll continue to see the high pressure system in the central
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portions of the u.s.. it is stretching from the four corners central u.s. and to porgs of the midatlantic. we are seeing hot temperatures . 76 in raleigh and 101 in dallas. we are continuing the streak of are you degrees highs. it feels hotter . right now ralyy north carolina feels like 102 out doors. >> it is toasty in dc. >> and overseas, two american hikers charged with espionage could be released from jail. that is according to the lawyer for joshua and shane. it is an indication they will be freed and there is a muslim tradition of pardoning prisoners in the holy month of ramadan that starts next week. >> and forensic fireworks on the final day of testimony in
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the amanda knox appeal. she cored a big victory when dna found in the crime scene was unreliable. knox and her boyfriend were found guilty of murdering a british exchange student. she was sentenced to 20 years behind bars and the trial is expected to go in recess and pick up in a few weeks. it is called the nuclear option and a push to solve the debt crisis by envoking the 14th amendment. is it a smart move? we'll talk to the democrat behind the big push. >> new englands coming in from the agency responsible from -- for grading the nation. >> there is a lot of crisis that we can't predict or avoid.
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cthis administration does not believe that the 14th amendment gives the power to ignore the deficit. >> dismissing the nuclear option . that idea is pushed by a group of house democrats that want to make sure the u.s. will pay its bills on time. joining me is a congressman in our studio and breaking away from all of the meetings taking place. great to have you on board. >> good to be here >> okay,
9:25 am
you are talking about nuclear option and folks say it is the wrong move and will damage the constitution. >> if it gets down to tuesday august 2nd. it is the only option. i am not saying it should have been done a month ago but it is certainly better than default and i urge the presidents to envoke the 14th amendment who said the public debt should not be questioned. former president clinton and school - on scholars say it is a viable option. >> you know the uproar it would send on both sides of the aisle and the public? the public is frustrated that the job they are looking to have done is not getting anywhere. >> i am frustrated, too. i don't like to see power from the legislature to the
9:26 am
executive. i don't care who the executive is. we are playing with fire. never in the 235 yearr history of our republic have we ever defaulted. it is the height of irresponsibility. i have pleaded with my col-- colleagues to meet in the middle. i called it a sensible center and stop playing the center. we are voting on harry reid's bill that he abandoned. >> there is a mirror image why go through the motion and waste time like that and when you have a deadline looming. >> right. we could have done it a month or two ago. but now it is irresponsible to do it. i think mr. boehner is doing the wrong thing by put on the floorr. we have to work together. republicans should claim victory and go home.
9:27 am
we are now talking about a bill that extends the debt limit that has no new taxes or revenue and simply cutting spending and you know, i continue to believe that we should have a clean debt ceiling. we did it 17 times under reagan and 8 times under bush and should not mix apples and oranges. cut spending but in order to be fair but let those who can pay more do it. >> i hear you. but two seconds. but you are talking about the president possibly putting out the nuclear option. but the president where is his plan in the first place. put your own plan out there. why is not not do it. >> the constitution said the plan has to start with the house. >> we have the stakes so high at the moment we want to see the specifics >> republicans are saying under nos to close
9:28 am
the tax loop holes for corporation and make the millionaires pay more it is hard to grab in the middle. the hairy reid plan is incorporating the mitch mcconnell plann and run with that . run the 2012 election on the issue and lethe american people decide. but right now we can't risk default and got to move beyond that and stop playing the games on the house floor. >> they are continuing and you are know first hand. we wish you all of the best and thank you for being here today. >> regardless was where you stand, everyone has had enough including president obama. >> if we don't do that and come to an agreement, we could lose the country's triple a credit rating. not because we didn't have the cas pacity to pay our bills, we do. but we don't have a triple a political system to match our
9:29 am
triple a credit rating. >> one of the top members of the economic team said all we need is a minimal amount of compromise. the director of the national economic council will speak to bret bauer. check your local listings for the time and channel. and tea partiers are taking a lot of the blame. but they are getting credit from influential republicans. we'll sit down with one tea party leadership that helped tod get many freshh men elected >> i want to say something to you conservatives out there. i want to tell you how dam proud of you i am. just one phillips' colon health probiotic cap a day helps defends against occasional constipation, diarrhea, gas and bloating. with the strains of good bacteria to help balance your colon. you had me at "probiotic."
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[ female announcer ] phillips' colon health. you had me at "probiotic." naturals from delicious, real ingredients with no artificial flavors or preservatives. naturals from purina cat chow. share a better life.
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>> at this hour the house is back in session and the senate
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will be as well in 30 minutes, all to dry to settle the debt dilemma in the next hours . >> hi, umma, the focus is a proposal from senator hairy reid after it was blocked. there is a short recess and back to work later this afternoon. credit rating for moody's, the u.s. will keep the triple a credit rating for now. they will keep the top notch rating. if the treasury doesn't keep the bond. >> and high reward for celina cass who was last seen monday night. there is no indication she ran away and no signs of struggle. canian officials are working with the f.b.i..
9:34 am
>> missouri teachers say they can't be friends on with thereofstudents. critics say there are too many loop holes and gray areas to instill a ban. back to you. >> thank you . president obama said the u.s. could lose the triple a rating because the country doesn't have a triple a political system. molly has the latest from the white house. >> the president is using the weekly internet and radio address to stress this is a urgent problem and that progress has to raise the debt sealing by tuesday ear we will face default. the president said consequences are inexcusable and self inflicted by washington. he countered the republican argument that is about spending. >> it isa not a vote to allow
9:35 am
congress spending more money. raising the debt ceiling simply lets the country pay the bills. it gives the united states of america the ability to keep its word and lets businesss and economy breathe a sigh of relief. >> the president called out house republicans in the address and suggesting they are putting party above the compromise . gop lawmakers said the president and democrats don't understand that raising the debt ceiling without spending cuts is irresponsible. >> president obama is simply too committed to the european style of big government that his policies set in motion. to democrats in washington, the answer is not to cut spending but raise taxs and keep on spending. democrats claimm they would target the prive ledged few. but behind the scenes they are arguing for broader tax increases. >> senator kyle agrees that
9:36 am
the consequence was missing tuesday's deadline is severe but said compromise include cut in spending uma. >> thank you very much. senate major leader harry reed. reid. >> experts say all too soon we would be back in the midst of partisan rambling with a commem held by extremist. >> senator majority leader harry reid attacking the gop proposal. not all republicans are on board. amy krammer said it is time to 96 the plans that don't include cut, cap and ambulance. - balance. >> the tea party is taking the heat for standing by the principles. many say you are putting
9:37 am
principles before the country and going to ultimately hurt the nation if we go over the cliff and we don't you know raise the ceil we are downgraded. >> uma, we need to go back to ground zero and ground groundd is that eight months ago, the house, the senate and the white house were all controlled by the demdeps, they punted and they didn't do anything about it and kicked the can down the road and now here we are. this is about the united states of america. the republicans have put two planos the table. paul ryan and cut, cap and balance on the democrats say they don't want either. pick your poison. how long is it since the senate - passed a damage. over 800 days. we have to have a permanent mechanism in place so we don't find ourselves in this position down the road.
9:38 am
we need entitle reforms. medicare board of trustees said if med cared is not reformed it is bankrupt in 2024. that is irnot to do anything about it they are concerned about reelection next yearr. when are they worried about reality and look at what is best for the country. >> there are those that suggest that perhaps you should take your win in tages for the victories that you are going for and not expect all of it to happen at once and perhaps this is also serving as an obstacle for moving forward . at the moment it looks like a compromise is a bad word. >> all of this is about the debt ceiling. that is a symptom of a bigger problem. that is the enormous debt we
9:39 am
have. that's why moody and s&p threatened the downgrade. not because of the default. we have revenue to service our debt. it is about the enormous amount of debt we have. we need to deal with that. >> how do you respond to the attacks that you have been dealing with throughoutt the week that even people in the gop, members who are critical about the tea party. how are you responding to the charges >> >> the american people spoke loudd and clearr. they are tired of washington politics and out of the control spending. that's what the movement is about fiscal responsibility . they want to reign in outof control spending . the people spoke loud and clear. we are here to hold washington's feet to the fire. we cannot spend this way. it is not sustainable. >> i know you are taking a lot of heat. >> thank you very having me.
9:40 am
>> the house went in resess. but we are not taking our eyes off of the debt debate. we would like to get some in the mix. rick is life in the ohio state fair with one of the top height lightts from highlights. >> and we have kids learning to fish and a spring board competition and a dangerous one. check this guy out. bruce . there ou go. >> you will not forget he does much more. stay with us. ananannouncer ] the network. a living, breathing intelligence that's helpi drive the future of business. in here, inventory can be taught to learn. ♪ machines have a voice. ♪ medical history follows you. it's the at&t network -- a network of possibilities...
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9:44 am
glossing over iraq's instability. it points to frequent bombings and assassinations and an uptake in the attacks by shiite militias and there is uncertainty over whether the american troops will remain in the country past the diagram deadline . it is that time much year ago, folks. state fairs are popping up offering the best in deep fried goodies and summer-time evens. rick joins us from one of the ohio fairs with the high lightts. i know you are having a lot of fun. >> all kinds of events here in the state fair in ohio. right before we went to break, we gave bruce here a chance at his axe throwing. these are the great lake timmer show, and all right.
9:45 am
they do a 30 minute show. this is all right. come on . all right. i am in the show next time. this is my favorite and the most treacherous. we had them miked and we have a bon mike. i know who the heavier one is no . no. you both look pretty wet. cope it from rolling. it takes incredible skill . i was thinking about getting out there. very good. >> you think they are cows and fried food.
9:46 am
you got this also in the ohio state fair. >> you fit right in there. let me ask you quickly. what is yourr favorite fried treat so far? >> this year fried cool aid and becomely took cool aid and put it in a flour concoction and it is incredible. it is amazing. >> really, cook. we'll take your word for it. great to see you, have fun. and now a free woman, casey anthony might be seeing a big pay day. up next. a look at the casey anthony sweep stake that is upsetting many americans today. with diabetes, it's tough to keep life balanced. i don't always have time to eat like i should. and the more i focus on everything else, the less time i have to take care of me. that's why i like glucerna shakes.
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>> welcome back everybody. the house is now in recess after meeting at noon for legislative business and the members of congress will be back to work later this afternoon. they are expected to take up the bill by hairy reed tomorrow. david dryer put his name on this particular bill and would share the same budget caps as reed's bill. casey though thee may seen be rolling in the dough. there are reports that she is offered a lot of money for the first trial interview. how are you?
9:51 am
>> this is crazy. this is like after a long storm and the muck starts rising to the top. this is happening in the wake of the so called journalism. on three television networks are saying scotts honor we are not in a bidding war and we will not be in a bidding war. for example look at what the new president or chairman. would they be no or not conflicted by that at all. there is plenty of other stories and that's how we
9:52 am
distingished others . we are just not in the business. that's from jeff baker who is the relatively new chairman of numbers news . the old saying goes. if you believe that. i have a bridge to sell you. when her lawyer came to town he was enforced in the hotel. who knows what that was for. one can only imagine. we have to wink at all of this. and it is most notable for casey anthony and cbs also said no.
9:53 am
we have people bidding for the big interview for example. and the only sicking point is he wanted her to take a lie detector test after the interview on camera. she didn't seem to like that idea very much. i wonder why? and then we have the everready and everreliable larry flint. king of porn and asked her to do a spread for hustler . he already told her he she could make many millions. have you ever said anything like this? >> ebay was a mask of caylee anthony went for. and her car is up for grabs. anything this woman does is going to be news.
9:54 am
but there is one other thing to consider. that is the negative public relations and the back lash that could ensue and i am sure that is studied by the network and closely by probably anybody who doesn't have a blog on the internet where they say anything and get away with it. they will be look hard at one of the things that we really know is that the country want to watch her lie. that is the interest in the interview. it is very amazing. as i said only in america. great to see you and thank you for your thoughts . another royal wedding. the scoop on who is getting married and whether or not or not william and kate are
9:55 am
attending. how is the debt crisis affecting your life. we'll reed yourr tweets after the break. don't go away. my doctor told me calcium is besabsorbed in small continuous amounts. only one calcium supplement does that in one daily dose. new citracal slow release... continuously releases calcium plus d for the efficient absorption my body needs. citracal.
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and make plans now for the fall hunting classic starting august 5th.
9:58 am
>> well, take a look, another royal wedding. green elizabeth ii's granddaughter sarah phillips married mike kindle in scotland. this is much more low key than
9:59 am
prince william and kate middleton's. no cameras were allowed inside. and a media mistake of sorts, president obama's campaign staff staff use add twitter account to urge followers to contact g.o.p. lawmakers regarding the debt debate and barack obama posted the tw twittered, a bunch of people were annoyed by the spam and stopped following the president's political account. as of last night. mr. obama lost more than 40,000 twitter followers. so we've been asking all of you to tell how the debt crisis is affecting your world and now. bj is writing, i have fears for a credit down grade and and one thing that comes to mind is a run on the banks. i can only hope i'm wrong. >> not raising the debt ceiling, will make our debt even more dangerous. vote in mor

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